“I really believe the end result is worth it – products with their own personality and comfort, which mass production can never match compared to that of hand finished quality” Carine Willems

CESIGN launches officially new collection for Fall Winter 2014/2015. Spearhead of the new designs will the TANDUK line.

TANDUK provides us with the opportunity to produce our magnetic eyewear holders under condition we felt were optimal: traditional craftsmanship, exclusivity and sustainability, says Sales Director Carine Willems of CDESIGN.

Horn is a material that presents unparalleled textural possibilities – each piece is absolutely beautiful in its own way and as unique as your fingerprint. The material is warm to touch and allergen-free, and therefore comfortable to use.

Working with horn is a painstaking, labour intensive and time consuming process, but the result is incredibly satisfying. Understanding the aesthetics and behavior of horn has enabled us to use a conventional material in unconventional ways, to create eyewear holders that are both compelling in their beauty and complementary to the times.

CDESIGN aims to go against the grain of mass production and continue the tradition of handcrafted and made by artisans using old fashioned tools. The company insists on a level of finish that matches vision and design qualities.

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